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Screw pump manufacturers will face a thorough shuffle

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      High viscosity liquid with centrifugal pump or sewage pump can not meet the requirements of the working conditions, the results of the two pumps are caused by the motor speed of the motor slow motor can not produce the liquid time long lead to the motor burn. Is the screw pump suitable for transporting high viscosity liquid?
      Single screw pump is a very high viscosity pump which was widely used before. The rotor is a single head positive metal screw (which is round on the axis perpendicular to the axis), and the stator is usually a special double negative spiral, which is made of rubber (the shape of the runway shape on the axis perpendicular to the axis). The seal line formed by rolling the rotor in the stator gradually moves to the outlet, so that the liquid goes along the axis. The mouth of the material is moved to the outlet. The advantages of the pump are smooth conveying, small pulsation, no stirring to materials, and no sensitivity to solid particles. However, due to the large friction resistance, its energy consumption is significantly higher than other forms of rotor pump. If compared with gear pumps, the power configuration is basically 3:1 at the same flow rate and pressure. With its stator material and other factors, the stator wears quickly and needs to be replaced frequently, and it can not be applied to high temperature applications at all.
      The working rotor of a twin screw pump (bitumen pump) is a screw shaft with the same size. The left screw thread on one axis is meshed with the right whorl on the other axis. The two axes do not contact each other because of the function of the synchronous gear, but the gap between 0.05 and 0.15mm is kept so as to form an independent sealing cavity. With the rotation of the screw, the liquid in the sealing cavity is taken from the feed port to the discharge port. The twin screw pump (bitumen pump) has some advantages of both single screw pump and cam pump, and in recent years, the twin screw pump has been greatly optimized for structural expectation, such as machining the screw thread on the same screw shaft to counteract the axial force at the same time, and change the outer rolling bearing into a built-in sliding bearing (copper sleeve) that directly supports the outer circle of the screw. The synchronous gear is also changed to the middle part of the screw, so the structure is greatly simplified and the leakage point is reduced to one. Nevertheless, because the synchronous gear is immersed in the high pressure medium at the outlet, it is obviously not suitable for high temperature or strong corrosive medium. Because screw processing, assembly and operation accuracy is high, it is more sensitive to impurities, especially when the materials react.
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