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Pump industry network: how to solve the low frequency noise problem of pumps?

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     The invention of the pump has played an inestimable role in people's daily life and industrial production, because the pump has solved the problem of difficult water use.
     Nowadays, high-rise buildings are springing up all over the country in large and medium-sized cities, but the frequency conversion water supply system is widely used. It is also worth our thinking, the water of the high-rise residential will have pressurized water pump setting, the pump house is usually built in the basement on the top of the floor, but it is not known that a large pressure pump running noise is also harmful.
     In 2009, there was news that people began to attach importance to the low frequency noise caused by pumps. A gentleman who lived in the No. 8 Building in Chongwen District, Beijing, brought the rich and precious garden developers to court. The reason was that the low frequency noise from the water pump caused the death of the baby who was born only 9 days, and the owner claimed about 300000 yuan.
     We all know that the 300 thousand yuan is unable to make up for the pain of childbirth in October, but unfortunately it was aborted. Here, we have to mention another fact that this gentleman has already discovered the source of low frequency noise, which is produced by the pumps in the basement of their building. To this end, developers have been brought to court, demanding compensation for losses, stopping damage, and ordering developers to make rectification. And the developer so-called rectification measures, that is, on the iron fence added a block of wood, here once again reflects the developer's heart of the case, and the indifference to the legal society.
     The protection of low frequency noise is a worldwide problem.  The modes of low-frequency noise propagation are: air transmission, structural transmission, and standing wave (reflected echoes in building space). Because of the long wavelength of low frequency noise, it can easily penetrate the building, so even if the pump running decibels does not exceed 50 decibels, it can still call people unable to sleep, stress all day, may lead to neurasthenia, depression, and so on.
     So, how do we deal with this situation? First, when the manufacturers are producing water pumps, we must strictly abide by the international standards and produce high quality pumps. Secondly, in the process of installation, the main measures are to install the shock absorber and shock proof material on the pump's seat, and then to install the elastic cushion for the pipe through the wall pipe. Generally speaking, the shock absorption measures are mainly based on intake and outlet, and sound absorption and sound insulation measures are subsidiary. Our residential users can install ventilation and sound insulation windows on the windows of the houses to improve them. Only by working together and doing every link can we reduce the damage caused by low-frequency noise.
     With the development of society, water pump technology has become more and more sophisticated, and the noise problem will be better solved. The pump also must be purchased from the professional pump platform. China pump industry network is an e-commerce platform for pump products. It is a collection of water pump enterprises all over the country. It provides full pump products sales, online business opportunities inquiries, cooperation negotiations, inquiries, online exchanges and other services, is the choice of the buyer!
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