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What problems should we pay attention to when installing special pumps for YL filter press?

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     The use of filter press pump is characterized by a large flow rate at the beginning of the feed head is low, to the late stage is a small flow rate of high lift, higher pump requirements. Attention should be paid to the installation and use of feed pump for pressure filter.
     Pressure filter pump installation attention:
     1. valves and rubber aseismatic joints (pipe compensators) should be installed in the inlet and outlet of the pump to facilitate maintenance.
     2. In the installation sequence of the pump, it is necessary to install the inlet and outlet pipeline first, and then fix the anchor bolt to prevent the tensile stress on the pump when connecting the pipeline and damaging the pump.
     3. the long distance of the outlet pipe or the high installation position of the filter press, the check valve should be installed at the outlet of the pump to prevent the pressure of the high pressure water hammer from the exit of the pump and the reverse of the impeller caused by the return of the pump.
     4. Pump inlet and outlet pipeline configuration: in order to reduce pipeline flow resistance and improve pipeline transportation efficiency, pump inlet and outlet diameter should be larger than pump inlet and outlet diameter.
     5. in order to see the operation of the pump more intuitively, the pressure gauge should be installed at the outlet of the pump, which is located on the straight line between the first valve of the pump and the outlet of the pump.
     6. the import and export pipeline of the pump should be equipped with a gravity supporting system, and the pump can not bear the weight of the pipeline.
     7. reflux tube setting: when the pump is in normal working condition, when the pump reaches a certain pressure and the flow is less than 30% of the rated flow, it is necessary to open the valve on the reflux tube to carry out the shunt, which can not only stabilize the pressure in the filter press, but also ensure that the material in the cavity of the pump keeps a liquid state with certain moisture at the end of the pump. Otherwise, the pressure in the filter press drops, the material in the cavity of the pump is pressed, the material is dry under the action of centrifugal force, and the friction between the material and the pump is increased, and the life of the pump is shortened.
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